1. Colorless EP

  2. Behind Enemy Lines EP

  3. Stargaze EP

  4. The Fury EP
    Ika Sile

  5. Naughty Groove EP
    GFX & R3-V3

  6. Chalice Of Desolation EP

  7. Surge Of Power IV Album
    Various Artists

  8. Guilty Pleasure EP
    Lee Ann Roberts, BRECC, Kaltblume, T Y

  9. Temasa Geç EP

  10. Afternoon Before Storm EP
    SZG, Illiya Korniyenko, Arman John

  11. Feathers For Bones EP
    BRÄLLE, Hioll, Lindsey Herbert

  12. Aggressive Raver EP
    NHM, Charlie Sparks, Amstra

  13. Age Of Creation EP
    YÅ, Falhaber, Brecc

  14. My Distorted Fantasy EP
    ANDROM, Ayarcana, Plukkk, Kaylah

  15. Verlangen EP
    Lukas Meunier, B2, DLV

  16. Hyperspace EP
    Charlie Sparks, Rommek

  17. Saturnian System EP
    KaioBarssalos, Wesley Martins, Makornik

  18. Surge Of Power III Album
    Various Artists

  19. Wild Thoughts EP
    WBR, Verschwender, SDB

  20. Hardfloor Brutus EP
    Kaltblume, OPOSITION, CYNKT

  21. Hands Of The Master EP
    BRÄLLE, ArchivOne, T Y

  22. Devil In A Red Dress EP
    Kaylah, JoeFarr, Kander

  23. Forgotten Overlook EP

  24. Acid Theory EP

  25. Adar EP
    VINYA, Tham, Rezystor

  26. Surge Of Power II Album
    Various Artists

  27. PCL EP
    Gilfoyle, Falhaber, Kracht, Sensive

  28. As Above So Below EP
    Torgue, CORROID, Ben Techy

  29. Death Field EP
    AERT, Ike Dusk, Chêne

  30. The Millennial Mile EP
    Sensive, DJ Ibon, SDB

  31. Shades Of Black EP
    Dahlia, DJ Varsovie

  32. Restrepo EP
    SDB, Repro, AERT

  33. Screams Of Hate EP
    Dark Matter Space Assembly, ArchivOne, Mickey Nox

  34. Divided Attention EP
    Pier, JoeFarr, CORROID, SDB

  35. Barong EP
    Torgue, Ayarcana, Incident Prism

  36. Antie / Soutpilaar EP
    N.A.A.F.I., Ike Dusk, Rezystor

  37. No Exit EP
    Lars Huismann, Tim Tama, Chêne

  38. A Night At The Opera EP
    Torgue, Ghost In The Machine, Schuw

  39. Onslaught Bloodshed EP
    Ben Techy, Dentis, Dep Affect

  40. Vacuum:void EP
    Sensive, Ayarcana, Keepsakes

  41. ACTA Lemonaid EP
    INTERFERON, N.A.A.F.I., Hidden Rooms, Anthro, Falhaber

  42. Surge Of Power EP
    Another Alias, AIROD, MOTH, Sensive, LNA

  43. Suprok EP Remixes
    14anger, Dep Affect, Kris Goad, Danilo Incorvaia


Märked Amsterdam, Netherlands

Märked is a techno record label based in Amsterdam

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